About Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Hybrid teaching and learning is devoted to the study of courses at all levels that integrate multiple learning modalities.

Our Mission

Hybrid Teaching and Learning was created to share resources, showcase research, and support instructors teaching hybrid courses, leading hybrid workshops, or considering utilizing the hybrid instructional mode in any way.

Our History

In 2010 instructors taught the first hybrid course in the Composition Program at the public R1 institution where members of this group are faculty. In 2019, the Hybrid Teaching and Learning team came together as a task force developed to gather teaching resources, collect relevant scholarship and prepare a literature review, and to better understand hybrid courses in the composition program, which at the time comprised about 10% of course offerings.

Since then, members of the Hybrid Teaching and Learning group have presented at local and national conferences across the disciplines, co-authored multiple papers, and conducted studies of faculty and students engaged in hybrid teaching and learning.