Teaching Resources

These resources will help plan your hybrid courses whether you are just getting started or looking to dive deeper into structure and course organization.

The Hybrid Task Force will continue to add resources that draw upon our research and professional development with faculty.

Coming Soon: Selected readings about current research in hybrid teaching and learning.

Getting Started

This brief checklist covers the key tasks instructors should complete two weeks before their hybrid course begins.

This short handout provides an introduction to applying universal design to designing hybrid courses and links to external resources that will help you to craft accessible course materials.

This is a transcript of the video linked in the Accessibility in Hybrid Courses document.

This list of frequently asked questions covers topics like when to schedule asynchronous modules, how to plan your feedback on student work, and how to address some problems that commonly arise in hybrid courses.

Planning and Course Structure

This infographic displays six different options for how you might schedule the synchronous and asynchronous lessons each week in your hybrid course.

This presentation gives 5 tips for teaching hybrid courses and introduces the concept of “braiding” content and assignments across synchronous and asynchronous lessons. 

This PDF demonstrates multiple weeks of braiding a course as introduced in the Hybrid Braiding Presentation.  

Considering Student Experiences of Hybrid Writing Classes

This worksheet includes questions to guide you through the process of investigating and considering student experiences in hybrid writing courses.